Kinder Fu

The Harmony of the Ancient Martial Arts of the Orient with 21st Century Kids
with classes for ages 4, 5 and 6.

We practice focus, control and proper breathing. We work on motor skills.
We learn the basics of the martial arts so it will be there if we need it.
We live in a REAL world that can sometimes be tough.
We know we must be responsible with what we learn, even when we get upset.
Class is filled with life lessons- Martial Arts, exercise, and fun music and games.

KinderFu flyer

Kinder fu is a great way to get your young child to be more confident, sociable, and respectful. We will be having fun and learning at the same time.

Self Defense and Fitness
Martial Arts
Self Respect
and... have a bunch of fun at the same time!



KINDER FU is now available at Sensei Steve's Villa Park and Momence.
Enroll Today! Call 815.953.5786 for the Sensei Steve's location nearest you!