"When I'm in Chicago I train with Sensei Steve. He has a real world approach to personal defense and modern unarmed combat."
- J. Miller, International Executive Protection Specialist

"I lost over 50 lbs. with Chickboxing!"
- Eileen

"I lost 38 lbs. in 8 weeks with Fitness Kickboxing at Sensei Steve's, a sensible diet, and drinking lots of water."
-Lynn Cillea

"Our story begins 5 years ago. We were looking for a physical activity for our daughter, something that she would enjoy. About a year earlier, Sensei Steve's opened up very close to where we owned a business. I was leary about sending our daughter there at first. Some karate schools, in the media and real life, have earned themselves the reputation of "thug" hangouts; I didn't want to subject our daughter to that kind of environment. But my husband went to check out the new karate school and to my relief he found out that Steve was a Christian! This fact alone allayed many of my fears. So Allie began karate lessons at the age of 7½. Over this time she has developed self-confidence, respect for herself and others, and responsibility. She has learned that if she sticks to it, eventually she will master it. Sensei Steve's has been a very good environment for my children to grow up in. Our son, Ethan, started classes when he was 4 years old and is on the same road to success that Allie has been on. We have made karate a family affair with myself starting lessons 3 years ago and my husband starting 1 month ago. I'm sure that when our youngest turns 4 he will begin lessons also. I am thankful that our children have had a safe and quality environment to grow and learn self-defense skills in. Sensei Steve is first and foremost a Christian man that makes sure that our children have the skills to protect themselves, should the event ever arise."
-The Stone Family